新作の小説「声」 Amazon.com より、「koe」で検索いただき、お求めになれます。
初恋を拒絶され声を喪った青年の回復過程に現れた神話的声の姿と声の原点。新潮新人賞受賞後、世界を舞台に作品を発表し続ける小山右人の渾身の力作! (Koe : Amazon.com)

In 1996, I won a 1000-times competitive rate and I won the Shincho Newcomer Award at the novel "Mammoth Tusk" and made a debut.
This work was mainly evaluated and read at the Princeton University Faculty of Letters in the USA, I asked those from the university.
The approximate story was a slightly fantastic novel that a mysterious friend, a supernova, will unravel the mystery of the life that lurks in the space with a strange attitude.At last,he discovered that the ideal shape was the mammoth tusk.But that was the only beginning of future difficulties.He was caught up in a more mysterious life of mystery.

In 2013, I published a book for the first novel "Incubation" in France. It was also translated into English and French.
In the town of northern Japan, an egg or a mass of energy is possessed by the abdomen of a prominent boy, and the mysterious power emanating from it captures strange incidents one after another. The main character, "I" am a boy's best friend, going back to the sources of possessed lumps, the tragedy of the ancestors and the power of overwhelming intensity of creativity will be visible.
It is a compact short story written with a majestic style like gothic romance.And a method of magic realism of South American novel is adopted.

In 2015, I published a short novel "The Pearl" in France, in Japanese, French, English and Spanish version. This novel is guided by a man who lost all his wealth and family due to the collapse of the Japanese economic bubble economy, a creativity energy that was felt in the chest, the "treasure" that became the most precious treasure for him, a story that plays and succeeds as a painter. At its peak, the ghost of a female painter who was a rival once, deprived of his "treasure", finally losing all his creative power. By that, it is a story that praises the preciousness and beauty of energy of creativity in the mind.

In 2016, in the novel "The tropical plant garden", the hero "I" and a brother nicknamed "Sphinx brother" who quit to become a doctor against his father indulge in a freaky creative life in the garden behind the father's clinic, mysteriously called area of ​​Nepenthes space. The production of a theater and a film is mainly done. The brother 's lover who joined there falls into a serious illness, and despite desperate care of the brother,she is gone. The unhappy join to the bankruptcy of the house, the brother who was compelled to the corner, himself also falls into a severe neurological disease. As he explores the ultimate way to heal it, he can fulfill the reunion of the miraculous love and the miraculous climax in the fantastic spot of the tropical plant garden.(published in France in French and Japanese)

In 2017, the novel "Voice" , the fight of "I" who is responsible for the therapy of the young man who lost his voice by being rejected for a single confession of love is the center of the story development. The tyrant who came to live in the youth severely watches him so that he will not be hurt again because of voice. While fighting against the tyrant, the hero retroacts to the source of the deep tradition of Japan about the essence of the voice.

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君が再びうっかりしゃべって、魂が傷つくことを恐れ、見張ろうというのか? しかし、君のためを思う善意など微塵もない、冷酷な監視を続けている。一言も言葉を発せられない君は、恐怖の檻に閉じ込められたも同然だ。声に出して話すことは、そこまで魂にとって危険な行為なのか? 声だけは、そんなに特別か? なぜ、声だけが?
(Koe : Amazon.com)

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Novel "Voice" 小説「声」

私が小説「マンモスの牙」にて新潮新人賞デビューした際は、主にアメリカにて評価され読まれましたので、アメリカ在住で覚えてらっしゃる方、いらっしゃるかもしれません。不思議な友人、超新星が空間の中に潜む人生の謎を、奇妙な姿勢を取りながら解き明かしていくという少し幻想的な小説でした。今回の小説「声」は、初めての愛の告白を拒絶されたことによって声を失った青年の、回復の格闘の中で、声の本質にまで遡っていく展開になっています。("Koe" Yujin Koyama : Amazon.com)

When I made a debut at the Shincho Newcomer Prize at the novel "Mammoth Tusk", it was mainly evaluated in the United States and read, so maybe someone who remembers in the United States. It was a little fantastical novel that we will unravel the mystery of the life that the mysterious friend supernova lurks in the space while taking a strange attitude. The novel "voice" of this time is a development that goes back to the essence of the voice in the fight of recovery of the young man who lost voice by being refused the confession of the first love of love. ("Koe" Yujin Koyama : Amazon.com)

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【小説「声」の日本語ペーパー版がAmazon.comから全世界でお求めになれます!】yujin koyama で検索していただくか、koe tatta ichidono で検索していただければ、容易に見つかります。


【Japanese version of the novel "Voice" is available worldwide from Amazon.com! 】 You can search by yujin koyama or you can search easily with koe tatta ichidono.

Novel "Voice" Voice betting on only one love:Yujin Koyama: Amazon.com

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予定早まり、まずは電子ブックとしてAmazonのkindle Storeより発売です。お待たせ致しました! ともかく世に出すことができました。
《 たった一度の愛の告白を拒絶されたことにより、声を失った青年のセラピーを受け持つ「私」の格闘が、ストーリー展開の中心。青年の中に住むようになった暴君は、再び声を発して傷つくことがないよう、青年を厳しく見張る。主人公は、理不尽な暴君との報われない闘いの中で悶えるうち、声の本質について日本の深い伝統の源にまで遡らざるを得なくなり、奇跡的な光明を垣間見るに至るのだが、そこから目くるめく困難が待ち受けていて・・・》

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                       2017年3月~4月 Amazonにて出版予定 

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Creative Party !! KOYAMA Yujin -面白い芸術家の裏話ー複雑な表現の発想­はいかにして生まれたかー

Saturday, November 12, 2016

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

株式会社 アレックスソリューションズ
東京都港区赤坂2-9-2 WAY TOWERS 7F, Tokyo (map)

The interesting inside story of artists--How was born the idea of the complex representation--

小説を書くうちに、文豪たちの周りにいる人々からその創作に向かう態度や意外な私生活を知る機会に恵まれました。 そのような何気ない話が、意外と日頃の創作に大きなヒントを与えてくれるものです。 また新人賞を受賞する前後の体験や、作家、クリエーターとしてデビューするにはどのようにしたらいいか、若手に私の率直な体験を伝えたい。

While writing the novel, I was blessed with the opportunity to know the attitude and surprising private life of the great writers from the people who were around them. Such a casual talk is the one that gives a big hint surprisingly to the daily creation and the way to write. Also I want to tell of experiences before and after winning the rookie award as a writer, or how to debut as a creator for young artists from my honest experience.

★ Creative people, let's get together!

People interested in painting, design, photography and art of all kinds! Mingle and meet like-minded people while enjoying drinks and snacks in Akasaka!

★Special Guest:

KOYAMA Yujin (1949-) Western-style painter, novelist, doctor of medicine. Born in Niigata Prefecture. Two items of the first room were selected at Shinseisaku Art Exhibition in 1973 when he was studying at medical school. Held his first personal exhibition in Ginza the following year. Held a personal exhibition in Paris in 1978. Selected for Memorial of AOKI Nishinippon Art Exhibition in 2011. While involved in broad aspects of medical treatment for the mind and body, he is also a unique writer who writes novels. In 1996 he received the 28th Shincho New Face award for his novel “Mammoth Tusk.” In 2009 he published a book that combined his novel “Incubation” with a painting of the same theme. In 2013 translations in Japanese, French, and English were published in France.


★ More details:

When: November 12 (Saturday) 17:00-19:00 (Open 16:45)
Where: WAY TOWERS 7F (Call “701” on the interphone)
Address: 2-9-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Station: Tokyo Metro Tameikesanno Station (Exit 10)
Map: https://goo.gl/fBWR3h
Admission: 2,000 yen (2 drinks and free snacks included)
Drinks: beer, cocktails, wine, etc (1 cup/glass = 500 yen, non-alcohol 200 yen)


★ アート好き!集まれ!




小山右人(こやまゆうじん)昭和24 年〜(1949 年〜)洋画家・小説家・医学博士。新潟県生まれ。医学部在学中の1973 年「新制作展」に第一室二点入選。翌年銀座で初個展。1978年パリにて個展。2011 年「青木繁記念大賞西日本美術展」入選。心身の医療に幅広く携りながら小説も執筆する異色の作家である。1996 年小説『マンモスの牙』にて「第28 回新潮新人賞」を受賞。2009 年小説『孵化』と同題絵画の合本を上梓。2013 年フランスにて日・仏・英語で翻訳出版される。2015年小説『珠』の日・仏・西・英版を出版。同年イタリアのアーバノ・テルメにて個展。2016年小説「熱帯植物館」の仏版を出版。

・日時: 11月12日(土) 17:00-15:00
・場所: ウエイタワーズ(WAY TOWERS)7階
住所: 東京都港区赤坂2-9-2 WAY TOWERS 7F
・最寄駅: 東京メトロ溜池山王駅(10番出口)
・参加費: 予約2000円、(ドリンク2杯と軽食を含む)


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